Monday Speakers
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General Session Lecture Series
Tactical Patrol Officer Program & Blue Ribbon Task Force Report
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Mr. Quinlan will outline OPOTA's partnership with the Ohio Tactical Officers Association and the implementation of the OTOA-developed Tactical Patrol Officer Program.
A Multi-Team Response for 2 Highly Skilled & Committed Gunmen. Is Your Team Ready?
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On August 20, 2022, Knox County Sheriff’s Office Deputies responded to a call reporting shots fired at bail bondsmen attempting to follow a wanted suspect. The suspect and his brother took refuge on their several-hundred-acre fenced property, featuring numerous structures and hosting a propane business. The situation escalated as the suspects utilized propane trucks to obstruct the movement of the responding tactical teams.
Over several hours, the suspects engaged the tactical teams, disabling several armored vehicles with precision rifle fire. The confrontation ultimately concluded with the responding tactical team members neutralizing the suspects.
This debrief analyzes the planning and coordination required to manage a large-scale, rapidly evolving event involving multiple tactical teams and numerous support elements.
More than 1,200 firearms and over 400,000 rounds of ammunition were seized from the property.
Waukesha Christmas Parade Attack
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On November 21, 2021, our city awoke excited about the 58th annual Christmas parade scheduled for later in the afternoon. Family and friends gathered early at the parade route, setting up chairs, coolers, and heaters at their favorite spots. As our neighbors were marching by, playing instruments, dancing, cheering, and tossing out candy, our small, safe town suddenly became the site of a horrific and evil act. So many of our fellow neighbors suffered a tremendous loss that day. Certainly, the six families who lost loved ones have been at the forefront of our thoughts, followed by all those who suffered painful and life-changing injuries. But we recognize that even if you did not suffer loss or injury, we all lost a sense of safety and security that day. In our positions, we pray that we are the only ones staying up at night worrying about the "what ifs." Our greatest hope is that we can protect our community from the worst life has to offer. As first responders, we know that we cannot always control what takes place in our community. How we move forward from a tragedy like the one we suffered on November 21, 2021, proves just how much our community means to us. Sharing our after-action report is our way of being honest and transparent about how we performed when our city needed us the most & the lessons that we learned along the way.
Tree of Life Synagogue Active Shooter
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On Oct. 27, 2018, an active shooter entered the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, where members of the Tree of Life, Dor Hadash, and New Light Jewish congregations gathered to engage in religious worship. The assailant entered the building armed with multiple firearms, including three Glock .357 SIG pistols and a Colt AR-15 rifle. While inside the Tree of Life Synagogue, the assailant opened fire, killing and injuring members of the three congregations, as well as injuring multiple responding police officers as they attempted to rescue surviving victims.
The horrific attack at the Tree of Life Synagogue on October 27, 2018, stole the lives of 11 innocent victims, shattered their families, gutted their congregation and the Pittsburgh community, and struck fear in the lives of Jewish people across the country.