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Invoices and paying for OTOA training or services
How do I cancel my course registration?
Pay by Credit Cards
Can I pay by check or money order?
Can I pay with a purchase order?
Our agency does not accept electronic invoices... now what?
I registered for a training course and did not receive an invoice
Where can I get a W-9?
I have an invoicing / payment question
I have a question about OTOA training
How to sign up others from my organization for a user account.
OTOA Membership
Information about memberships
Is membership required to attend OTOA training ?
How do I obtain my Advanced Training Certificates
Steps to get your course certificate
Cancellation Policy
OTOA Cancellation Policy
User Accounts VS. Memberships
User Account
OTOA Membership
OTOA Pandemic Plan
Contacting the OTOA Staff
I have a question and I would like to speak to someone.
How do I contact OTOA staff to answer my questions?
Organization Administrators
What is an Organization Administrator & why is this important?