Sniper Team Leader
Sniper Team Leader
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2 Days
This course is restricted to sworn officers of a United States governmental agency.
OTOA membership is required to attend this class.

Register today ✓ All invoices will be deferred until the student is checked into class on day one.

Topics covered:
Sniper Team Leaders' Rolls and Responsibilities
Training and Documentation
Sniper selection process
Pre-planned ops planning/Google Earth pro
Equipment needs:
A laptop with Google Earth Pro must be downloaded before class on Monday.  (It is a free download.)
Note-taking material
All sniper equipment, precision rifle/1 moa capable (must be zeroed before class) *100 rounds of match-grade ammunition. *(You may not shoot 100 rounds of ammo in this course. We estimated on the high side)
Tripod with shooting rest

You must have attended a Basic Sniper school; this is an advanced class geared explicitly toward sniper TLs and snipers looking to become sniper TLs.

There are currently no upcoming Sniper Team Leader courses available.