Ohio Tactical Officers Association (OTOA) Training Course Hosting Agreement

This Agreement outlines the Host Agency's responsibilities and expectations in hosting an OTOA training course, including, but not limited to, venue coordination, logistical support, and understanding the terms regarding "free" or "comped" training seats for approved host agencies.

This Agreement is made between the Ohio Tactical Officers Association (hereinafter referred to as "OTOA") and the agency entered below (hereinafter referred to as "Host Agency"), effective as of the date of the submission of this hosting agreement.

Hosting an OTOA training class brings advanced training directly to the Host Agency, eliminating the need for travel, reducing related costs, and allowing more personnel to be trained efficiently.


Training Venues:
The Host Agency agrees to coordinate and secure suitable venues for each training day, ensuring they are appropriate for the planned activities, including live-fire ranges if necessary.

Firearms Range Requirements:
The Host Agency must provide an adequate range for live-fire training, including target backstops, stands, and other necessary equipment.

Logistics and Support:
The Host Agency is responsible for securing the venue, coordinating logistical needs with the OTOA instructor(s), marketing the event through LEADS and contacting local agencies via phone calls and emails, and assisting with day-of-training event logistics. 

Venue and Logistics:
The Host Agency must provide various facilities such as classrooms, ranges, and buildings conducive to the training needs.

  • Classroom Requirements: The classroom must have comfortable seating for adults and have the necessary A/V capabilities, proper climate control, and accessible bathrooms.
  • Training Venues: These may include schools, office buildings, churches, etc., equipped with necessary utilities and large open spaces for practical drills and scenario-based training.

Community and Property Coordination:
The Host Agency must communicate clearly with property owners and the community, including posting signs indicating police training is in progress.

Important Note on Training Seats
Hosting an OTOA training course does not guarantee free or reduced-cost training seats.

Complimentary seats are granted case-by-case and require approval from the Director of Training.

The primary benefit of hosting is the logistical convenience and cost savings of local training.

= Required
Agency Requesting to Host
Enter the FULL agency name, no abbreviations
Enter the full name of the Chief or Sheriff
Point of Contact (POC)
Enter the full name of the individual that will be coordinating with the OTOA
Enter the cell phone with area code
Enter email address (double check for accuracy)
I understand that hosting a training class does not guarantee free training for my agency
I agree to the terms and conditions outlined in this Agreement.