Red Dot Sight Pistol - Train the Trainer Description


The Red Dot Sight (RDS) Pistol Train-the-Trainer class spans two days, incorporating classroom lectures and live fire range sessions to equip participants with the skills to effectively instruct fellow officers and train others in using the RDS system on-duty pistols.

The course also aids trainers in providing in-service instruction. 

Each officer receives individual attention to ensure a comprehensive understanding of all presented material, enabling them to apply their knowledge while instructing others to use an RDS-equipped pistol.

Topics covered include

  • structure versus strength
  • achieving higher efficiency with less effort
  • examining the pros, cons, and limitations of optics available in the marketplace.

The course delves into the proper use of RDS in adverse weather conditions, strategies for overcoming challenging conditions, and considerations for close-quarter and extended-distance situations.

Additionally, instruction is provided on the appropriate use of RDS in the presence of damage or glass obstruction.

Teach-backs and applying adult learning theory are integrated into the training, ensuring students are well-prepared to convey these lessons to their respective departments and fellow officers.

Class starts at 8:00 AM, and the training days are eight hours long.

Topics of Instruction Include

  • The course covers an individual officer wanting to enhance his ability with the RDS or start gaining knowledge of the RDS.
  • The fundamentals redefined: structure vs. strength, less effort = better efficiency.
  • Pros, cons, and limitations of optics available in the marketplace will be discussed at length.
  • Proper use of RDS in inclement weather and how to overcome those conditions through technique.
  • Proper use of RDS in CQB environments and at extended distances.
  • Proper use of RDS with damage and or obstruction of the glass.
  • It allows an agency or team to acquire more information on the RDS pistol before purchasing it.
  • It will allow the officer to provide in-service instruction to officers.
  • Each officer will gain the knowledge necessary to self-diagnose their performance and, more importantly, their students' performance.
  • Individual attention will be given to each officer to ensure they comprehend all material presented and can apply that knowledge while instructing others to use an RDS-equipped pistol.
  • Mounted and Dismounted movement, when and why to use these techniques.
  • The whys will be explained, discussed, and answered with every course taught within the curriculum.

Student requirements

  • Ballcap
  • Eye/ear protection
  • Inclement weather gear (wet/cold)
  • 750 rounds of quality/factory ammunition - NO RELOADS (9mm if you are using OTOA-owned loaner Glock pistols)
  • Notepad/pen/pencil
  • Range snacks/water/hydration

No RDS-equipped pistol? No Problem:

The OTOA can provide a loaner Glock RDS pistol with optic and holster for *$100 per student.  

Email to reserve the following supplies:

  • Glock RDS pistol
  • Right-handed or left-handed holster
  • Preferred or requested red dot optic - Holosun or Trijicon

Note: $100 will be added to each student registration requesting the Glock RDS loaner pistol

Lodging, Travel and Food:

The course cost does not include ammunition, lodging, transportation, and food.

  • Attendees are responsible for their ammunition, lodging, transportation, and food.

Any tactic, technique, or technology covered at any OTOA advanced training or annual training conference MUST be applied in compliance with the United States Constitution, the Ohio Revised Code, and the rules and regulations of an attendee’s employing law enforcement agency.