Close Quarters Concepts for Patrol Description
This course is restricted to sworn officers of a United States governmental agency.
OTOA membership is required to attend this class.

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This comprehensive two-day class is designed to cover the safe and efficient deployment of pistols and rifles in close-quarters environments, considering the presence of officers, suspects, and uninvolved bystanders.

The course will explore various topics and disciplines, offering a contemporary approach to the close-quarters environment. This includes exploration of both conventional and unconventional weapons carry positions, with a strong emphasis on safety for individual officers, suspects/subjects, and uninvolved persons.
This training will focus on techniques and procedures for dealing with compliant and non-compliant individuals, teaching officers to operate effectively solo, with a partner, or within a team.
The curriculum also includes drills that involve decision-making and de-escalation techniques, providing a well-rounded and multi-faceted training experience.
Students will have the opportunity to demonstrate proficiency through reality-based scenarios.

This course involves the use of marking cartridges - NO LIVE FIRE

Topics and disciplines covered

  • A safe and contemporary approach to the “close-quarters” environment
  • Conventional and unconventional weapons carry positions
  • Strong emphasis on individual officer, suspect/subject, and uninvolved person(s) safety
  • Tactics, techniques, and procedures for complaint and no-compliant individuals
  • Working solo, with a partner, or with a team
  • Force on paper “shoot” – “don’t shoot” decision-making drills
  • De-escalation tactics
  • Tactical decision-making

Class Schedule

Day 1

0800-1000 Close Quarter Concepts for Patrol PowerPoint:  0800-1000 hrs.

1000-1100 Safety Check/Weapons Flow/Pivots & Turns

1100-1200 Roll out/Snap drills

1200-1300 Lunch

1300-1500 Safety Check/Single Officer Tactics

1500 – 1630 Open Space Tactics

1630-1700 Debrief Day1/Weapons turn-in

Day 2

0800-0830 Safety Check/ Warm-up Weapons Flow

0830--1000 Two Officer Tactics Deliberate

1000-1100 Vectoring Drills

1100-1200 Lunch

1200—1400 Safety Check/Two Officer Tactics Rescue

1400 – 1500 Retake Initiative Tactics

1500-1630 Racetrack/Micro-Drill Daisy/Force on Paper w/live occupants

1630-1700 Debrief Day 2/ Weapons Turn-in/Clean up

Required Equipment – Student Supplied 

  • Pistol outfitted to fire marking cartridges or airsoft (Glock 17T, conversion kits, etc.) – MUST BE ABLE TO SECURE IN DUTY STYLE HOLSTER
  • Rifle/carbine/sub gun outfitted to fire marking cartridges or airsoft
  • 100 PISTOL marking cartridges
  • 100 RIFLE marking cartridges
  • Simunition © - UTM © or other approved safety equipment
  • Duty or Individual owned rifle/carbine with sling (NO LIVE AMMO)
  • Duty or Individual owned semi-auto pistol (NO LIVE AMMO)
  • Duty belt with holster or a concealed holster
  • Handheld flashlight
  • Protective gloves suitable to hold and fire pistol and rifle
  • Training appropriate attire
  • Wrap-around Eye Protection
  • Baseball-style hat / billed cap
  • Food / Water - No meals provided
  • Note-taking material

Lodging, Travel and Food:

The course cost does not include lodging, transportation, and food.

  • Attendees are responsible for their lodging, transportation, and food.