Advanced SWAT Description

IMPORTANT - It is HIGHLY recommended that the student has attended and successfully completed the OTOA Basic SWAT school (or equivalent) to attend this class. (questions about "equivalent"? send an email to

The OTOA Advanced SWAT class lasts 5 days, including one (1) live-fire range day. The class will enhance principles learned in the OTOA Basic SWAT class and introduce the student's new principles and tactics to allow them to be more skilled operators. The classes are set for eight-hour days however we will train to a standard not to a time so come prepared.

This course is RESTRICTED to OTOA Members AND sworn officers of a United States governmental agency.

The OTOA Advanced SWAT school is intended for experienced tactical teams or task force officers.

This hands-on, high-intensity course will enhance the principles taught in the OTOA Basic SWAT class and introduce advanced tactics and techniques to the student.

Topics will include immediate action drills, enhanced firearms proficiency, advanced skill builders, hostage rescue principles, and operating in small teams.

Advanced SWAT School Equipment List

The following is a detailed list of what the OTOA recommends each student bring to the 5-day Advanced SWAT training


Body Armor is MANDATORY for this class.

Any of the following three options is acceptable:

  • Ballistic body armor
  • Plate carrier and Level II or Level III soft body armor
  • If you DO NOT have "Tactical Body Armor", Concealable Level II or Level III body armor is acceptable

Ballistic helmet (if issued)


Primary Weapon System (long gun) AR-15 variant or sub-gun

  • (4) 30-round magazines are optimal, (3) 30-round magazines at a minimum are required
  • All rifles and sub-guns are required to have slings mounted
  • All rifles and sub-guns are required to be zeroed BEFORE day one of SWAT week
  • Weapon-mounted light is mandatory. Bring extra batteries.

Secondary Weapon System (pistol)

  • (3) pistol magazines minimum
  • Weapon-mounted light recommended.


  • 500 rounds For EACH weapon system


OTOA RED TEAM training cadre are all certified Scenario and Safety Certification Training Course graduates.

Students are encouraged to bring agency-owned weapon conversion kits and marking cartridges.

Simunition © FX .556mm marking cartridges are NOT PERMITTED in any OTOA training UNLESS otherwise approved by OTOA headquarters. All other Simunition © branded marking cartridges in 9mm and .38 caliber are permitted.

Force-on Force conversion kits and marking cartridges for AR platform rifles (5.56/.223 ONLY) will be provided to each student in the course that does not have agency-owned force-on-force conversion kits and marking cartridges.


ANY / ALL EQUIPMENT for a tour of duty, range day, “call out” or SWAT / SRT activation

  • Tactical team or training uniform – mandatory
  • Gloves – we recommend gloves compatible with weapons manipulation
  • Clear wrap-around eye protection – mandatory on range day and force-on-force training days
  • Hearing protection – mandatory on range day
  • Ball cap – mandatory on range day
  • Pen and notebook – mandatory for each day
  • Water and food – NO MEALS ARE PROVIDED
  • Bug spray and sunblock - recommended
  • Inclement weather gear for both cold and wet weather - recommended
  • Simunition © / Ultimate Training Munition (UTM) /Force on Force protective gear – recommended


  • Ballistic Shields
  • Mirrors


If you are allergic to bees, outdoor plants, or animals, please bring your epinephrine pen or other medication.

Life-threatening allergies and pre-existing injuries or conditions must be reported to the OTOA training staff on day one of training.