Course Details
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10/31/2023 - 11/01/2023
Youngstown, Ohio 44512

This course is made possible by the generous support of Youngstown State University Department of Criminal Justice - Police Academy and Mahoning County Commissioners.

*Restricted to officers of Mahoning County
*Access code REQUIRED
11 of 24 seats taken
Active Threat Response - User Course (2023 OPOTA CPT Approved) Description

This course was developed for the front-line officer to accomplish their primary mission of Saving Lives. 

It is one of the only training programs that combines classroom evidence-based principles with practical skill-based tactics. 

The Active Threat Response - User training course culminates with safe, reality-based scenarios including de-escalation tactics. 

The Active Threat principles and tactics are based on human behavior.  

Additional topics will include Constitutional Use of Force, De-escalation tactics, and Linking Up with additional and plainclothes officers. 

Students will demonstrate proficiency through reality-based scenarios.


  • Understand current trends in active threat incidents.
  • Understand principles when responding to active threats.
  • How priority of life during active threat response plays a vital role in the outcomes.
  • Understand constitutional use of deadly force requirements and appropriate de-escalation outcomes.
  • Understand Linking Up with uniformed, plain-clothes officers to avoid “blue on blue” engagements.
  • Understand how to work with uniformed security professionals and civilian CCW/open-carry citizens during active threat incidents.
  • Understand two mission-driven tactics for active threat response.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in the two mission-driven tactics.

Class Schedule

Day 1

Active Threat Response Powerpoint:  0800-1000 hrs.

Safety Check:  1000 hrs.

Weapons Flow/Pivots & Turns: 1000-1100 hrs.

Lunch: 1100-1200 hrs.

Safety Check: 1200 hrs.

Single Officer Tactics: 1200-1400 hrs.

  • Teach Single Officer Tactics and Principles
  • Micro Drill Single Officer Tactics
  • Single Officer Alternating Threshold Drill (Snap, then Bound)
  • Teach Single Officer Door Procedures
  • Micro Drill Single Officer Door Procedures

Dealing with Non-Hostiles, Hostiles to De-escalation, Hostiles: 1400-1500 hrs.

  • Clean Wall/Dirty Wall Concept
  • Hostile to De-escalation (Checking for Compliance)
  • Hostile Engagements (Bounding and Vectoring)

Racetrack Micro-Drills: 1500-1630 hrs.

  • Single Officer Racetrack (Dry Practice, Open and Closed Doors)

Debrief Day 1: 1630-1700 hrs.

  • Weapons Turn-In

Day 2

Safety Check: 0800

Warm Up: Weapons Flow Slalom Drill:  0800-0830 hrs.

Two Officer Tactics: 0830--1000 hrs.

  • Teach Two Officer Tactics and Principles
  • Micro Drill Two Officer Tactics
  • Two Officer Alternating Threshold Drill (Bound and Snap)
  • Teach Two Officer Door Procedures
  • Micro Drill Two Officer Door Procedures

Vectoring Drills: 1000-1100 hrs.

  • Teach Vectoring Tactics and Principles
  • Micro Drills:   Breaking on Contact
  • Breaking on Our Call
  • Separation of Non-Hostile and Hostile

Lunch: 1100-1200 hrs.

Safety Check: 1200 hrs.

Open Space Tactics: 1200 – 1230 hrs.

  • All Directions Drill

Retake Initiative Tactics: 1230 – 1330 hrs.

  • Run to First Base
  • Lead with Shield Initiative (Discussion and Demo)
  • Breaching (Discussion)

Racetrack/Micro-Drill Daisy/Force on Paper w/Live Occupants: 1330-1630 hrs

  • Two Officer Racetrack (Dry Practice, Open and Closed Doors)
  • One and Two Officer Racetrack (Open and Closed Doors) Force on Paper w/Live Occupants
  • Micro-Drill Daisy

Debrief Day 2: 1630-1700 hrs. 

  • Weapons Turn-In/Clean Up