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This course is made possible by the generous support of Youngstown State University Department of Criminal Justice - Police Academy and Mahoning County Commissioners.

*Restricted to officers of Mahoning County
*Access code REQUIRED
Active Threat Response - User Course Description

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OTOA Active Threat Response - User Course Overview

The OTOA Active Threat Response - User Course is tailored for front-line officers, providing them with crucial principles and tactics for effectively handling active threat situations. This course uniquely combines classroom instruction on evidence-driven principles with hands-on, skill-based tactical training. Officers are prepared for real-life scenarios, focusing on saving lives and making critical decisions under pressure.

Unique Training Approach

This course stands out by integrating evidence-driven, classroom-based principles with practical, skill-based tactics. Key areas of focus include critical incident decision-making, the legal use of force, and de-escalation strategies. The curriculum is designed to equip officers with the skills necessary to respond effectively to active threats, enhancing their ability to protect and save lives.

Real-World Application

The training culminates in safe, reality-based scenarios that emphasize de-escalation tactics. These practical exercises allow students to demonstrate their proficiency and readiness for real-life challenges, ensuring they can apply their learned skills effectively in active threat situations.



·         Uniform of the day, as required by the agency, duty gun, and assigned patrol rifle, NO MAGAZINES OR AMMUNITION

·         Duty Belt, No Police Equipment (No Tasers, Batons, OC Spray, Magazines, etc)

·         Ballistic Vest - Optional

·         Safety Equipment to include EYE PROTECTION.

Course Goals

  • Grasp current trends in active threat incidents.
  • Comprehend response principles to active threats and the importance of prioritizing life.
  • Understand constitutional requirements for the use of deadly force and de-escalation strategies.
  • Learn coordination tactics with uniformed and plain-clothes officers to prevent friendly fire.
  • Collaborate effectively with security professionals and armed civilians.
  • Master and demonstrate proficiency in two mission-driven tactics for active threat response.

Detailed Class Schedule

Class starts at 8:00 AM, and the training days are eight hours long.

Day 1

  • Introduction to Active Threat Response
  • Safety checks and weapons handling
  • Focused training on single-officer tactics and principles
  • Specialized drills for dealing with hostiles and non-hostiles, including de-escalation strategies
  • Practical exercises and debriefing

Day 2

  • Review and safety checks
  • Advanced two-officer tactics and principles
  • Vectoring drills and open space tactics
  • Retake initiative tactics and practical application drills
  • Comprehensive debrief and course wrap-up

Lodging, Travel, and Food

Please note that the course fee does not cover lodging, transportation, or meals. Attendees are responsible for arranging their accommodations and meals during the course.

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Email OTOA Training or call Tony Castillo, OTOA Active Threat course coordinator, at (419) 787-7098.

Any tactic, technique, or technology covered at any OTOA advanced training or annual training conference MUST be applied in compliance with the United States Constitution, the Ohio Revised Code, and the rules and regulations of an attendee’s employing law enforcement agency.