Instructor and Certification Training Package Fee

Elevate Your Learning Experience with Instructor & Certification Courses

Investing in a $50 upcharge ensures top-notch quality in our courses.

This fee covers expert instructors, certification materials, and specialized equipment.

Immerse yourself in a high-quality curriculum, gaining in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience. 

What's Included:

  • Expert Instructors 🌟
  • Certification Processes ✔️
  • Hands-on Experience 🤲

Why the Additional $50 Fee? Our commitment to excellence comes with added value:

  • In-depth knowledge 🧠
  • High-quality curriculum 📚
  • Specialized equipment 🛠️

Examples of Instructor & Certification Courses:

  • Glock Armorer by Glock Professional Inc.
  • Pepperball Instructor by Pepperball
  • Chemical Munitions Instructor by Defense Technology.

Pricing Details:

  • Full Week Package: $400 (Membership INCLUDED)

    • Add any Instructor & Certification course: +$50 
    • Full Week Package w Instructor & Certification added $450
  • Wednesday & Thursday Package OR Thursday & Friday Package: $350 (Membership INCLUDED)

    • Add any Instructor & Certification course: +$50
    • Wed. & Thurs. or Thurs.& Fri. Package w Instructor & Certification added: $400

Important Note: The $50 upcharge is a one-time fee, applicable even if you choose multiple courses. 

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