Meet the 2019 OTOA Conference Instructor Cadre

Promoting Professionalism in Policing through instruction in contemporary and proven principles and tactics from the best instructors the country has to offer.

Anargyros Kereakes
Anargyros KereakesDynamic Shield Tactics
Bob Chabali
Bob ChabaliHostage Rescue Overview
Chris Pattie
Chris PattieRAIDER Training
Craig Douglas
Craig DouglasGrappling Weapons Based
Dennis Valone
Dennis ValoneDecision Making: Reason/Force
Frankie Sepulveda
Frankie SepulvedaActive Killer Interdiction
James Burke
James BurkeProfile of an Active Shooter
Jim Gilbert
Jim GilbertPeer Support for SWAT/Patrol
Kevin Watson
Kevin WatsonStreet Combatives
Michael Moran
Michael MoranLegal Update/Shootout Briefing
Mike Ott
Mike OttPoint Blank Shield
Ray DeBolt
Ray DeBoltCBQ Clearing Tactics
Russ Lyons
Russ LyonsPistol Diagnostics
Steve Click
Steve ClickCrisis Awareness
Varg Freeborn
Varg FreebornViolence of Mind
Anthony Winegar
Anthony WinegarTracking for Law Enforcement
Brian Springer
Brian SpringerTEMS
Dan Brokos
Dan BrokosAmbidextrous Carbine
Gary Sikorski
Gary SikorskiSABRE OC Instructor Cert
Jared Odgen
Jared OdgenRoom Entry/Combat Clearance
Jim Gilliand
Jim GilliandSniper Equipment Calibration
John Riley
John RileyVerbal De-escalation
Michael Neal
Michael NealMindset/Counter Ambush
Mike Pennington
Mike PenningtonK9 Courses
Paul Ohl
Paul OhlLeadership for Patrol
Richard Johnson
Richard JohnsonDigital Forensics
Sang Lee
Sang LeeMaster Pistol & Rifle
Steve Mescan
Steve MescanTactical Command
William April
William AprilFatal Choices
Bill Oliver
Bill OliverLow Light Engagements
Bryan Hillis
Bryan HillisLow Vis Active Killer Response
Chuck Pressburg
Chuck PressburgNo Fail Precision Pistol
Daniel Shaw
Daniel ShawPatrol Rifle Problem Solver
Eric Kohtz
Eric KohtzSubject Removal/Threat Spikes
Dr. Patrick Linnenback
Dr. Patrick LinnenbackIdentify / Understand Cartels
Greg Sullivan
Greg SullivanAR15/M4/M16/SLR15 Armorer
J. Seese & L. Westover
J. Seese & L. WestoverHuman Terrain Mapping
John Bostain
John BostainTransformational Trainer
Kurt Delia
Kurt DeliaArmored Vehicle Rescue OPS
Nick Kokolt
Nick KokoltInstructor Cadre
Peter Segreti
Peter SegretiLeveraging Ballistic Corners
Rob Pettorsson
Rob PettorssonSniper
Sarah Adams
Sarah AdamsCounter-terrorism for LE
BK Blankchtein
BK BlankchteinIsraeli Approach to Active Killer
Bryan Veliz
Bryan VelizVehicle Close Quarter Battle
Corey Clancy
Corey ClancyPractical LE Sniper/Basic Sniper
Erica Chadwick
Erica ChadwickTactical Yoga
Jack Hall
Jack HallIP Camera Technology
Jeff Felts
Jeff FeltsDesignated Marksman
John Breen
John BreenTactical Breaching
Matt Jacquez
Matt JacquezHandgun-From Concealment
Mike Forrest
Mike ForrestPepperball Instructor
Phil Chaney
Phil Chaney Patrol Rifle & Pistol
Scott Jedlinski
Scott JedlinskiGlock Red Dot
Tom Alibrando
Tom AlibrandoTavor X95 Course
Victor Garcia
Victor GarciaMACTAC
Trevor Thrasher
Trevor ThrasherBehavior Based Handgun
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