Range Safety Expectations

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Range Safety Expectations

Dear OTOA Conference Instructors,

 We wanted to take a moment and ensure everyone is on the same page in regards to range and exercise safety for the conference.  Our goal is to provide world-class training to our attendees, while ensuring a safe training environment.  An preventable injury, no matter how minor, during conference training leads to a reduction in confidence from our police executive partners; and we must all work as a team to make this a great, safe event.

Firearms Safety

 The four firearms safety rules will be briefed prior to training, and will be enforced by instructors and OTOA range staff.

Target Safety

Steel target minimum engagement distances are as follows:

Pistol: 15 Yards

Carbine: 50 Yards

Precision Rifle: 50 Yards

The OTOA Site Coordinator will be inspecting all target configurations, and will be the Go / No Go authority for the assumption of live fire activities.  Both the OTOA Site Coordinator and OTOA Course Moderators have the authority to cease training if they observe a safety issue, and may direct changes to target configurations.

Marking Cartridge Safety

Best-practices safety measures will be in place for all marking cartridge training, whether the training is force on force or SIMS on paper.

Reporting Requirements

All injuries requiring medical treatment of any kind, including on site medic care, will be immediately reported to the OTOA Site Coordinator, who will notify the OTOA Conference Training Office.  The Training Office will assign an investigator, and the injury will be investigated as a Line of Duty Injury.

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