Host OTOA Lock Picking

Hosting a OTOA Lock Picking / Covert Lock By Pass - 8 Hour Course

Being the host agency for an OTOA training class can be a benefit to the agency with the acquisition of free training slots. These free training slots do however come with a cost. The cost is not financial but will require some work and logistics help on the part of the host agency.

Up to: Two (2) free slots for the hosting agency. $250 value - 

*free training spots are directly related to the number of "paying" course attendees

The following items represent standard equipment needs for the OTOA Instructors to facilitate our Lock Picking / Covert By Pass courses. Other materials may be required depending on the facility and any special student needs.

The course host will be informed of any additional requirements, or changes to the items listed below within a reasonable time frame prior to the start of the class.

Needs Assessment

Locate an area hotel for out of town attendee officers. Establish a contact person at said hotel and provide the name and phone number to the OTOA training manager.

The host agency provides a classroom large enough to accommodate 30 students comfortably in a classroom style setting.

Classroom requirements: whiteboard with dry erase capabilities, LCD projector capable of projecting PowerPoint presentations, screen for the projector unless the whiteboard is large enough to accommodate the presentations, speakers for the PowerPoint presentation for audio purposes.

The OTOA instructors bring their own laptop computers.

Marketing Assistance

Marketing the OTOA Lock Picking / Covert Lock By Pass Course is "primarily" the responsibility of the OTOA. The OTOA will make every effort to advertise and send out marketing material for all OTOA training courses. Depending on the region, course offering or other unforeseen circumstances, training courses may encounter difficulty attaining the OTOA minimum training course attendee standard.

As the Host Agency for the OTOA Lock Picking / Covert Lock By Pass Course, you may be asked to actively participate in the marketing campaign for the course offering. The Host Agency marketing campaign participation includes but is not limited to: LEADS Teletype to the region the course is being offered, email solicitation, phone calls, text messaging, Facebook posts, etc., etc.


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