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Steven Michael Smith Award

OTOA Awards

The OTOA wants to acknowledge tactically minded first responders and individuals who exhibit commitment, expertise, enthusiasm, support and/or valorous actions.

Any person can nominate an individual or group who qualifies for recognition.

An awards committee selected by the OTOA board of directors will make the final decision regarding the recipient(s) of the awards.


Steven Michael Smith Award for Valor
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OTOA Award For Valor - Individual


Steven Michael Smith Award for Valor

This prestigious award is presented each year to the person, persons, or team who distinguish oneself or themselves through valorous actions during a life threatening action.

Any person can nominate an individual or group who qualifies for recognition under the below criteria.

A selection committee reviews a situation in which the nominated individual or group clearly acted without regard for his or her own life to save a fellow officer or an innocent victim or victims.
The nomination(s) eligible for review shall be previous year of the awards banquet.
(example - Banquet in 2020, situation must occur in 2019 or earlier to be eligible for review)

All nominations must include the following:

  • Full Name.
  • Department / Agency / Organization.
  • Documentation of the event in paragraph
  • A contact person to verify the event, actions or conduct

Submission Deadline: February 28

Send a question to OTOA Awards Chairman - Ramon Diaz

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