OTOA .50 Caliber Hard Target Operator Course

Student Equipment Needs


The OTOA 50 Cal Hard Target Operator Course is intended to provide the Sniper/Observer with a base of training to make that person operational with a Large Caliber Rifle. Topics that will be covered include Large Caliber Rifle Marksmanship, Ballistics, Ammunition selection, Large Caliber Rifle Deployment, Tripod Utilization, and Team Leader responsibilities. The course is based on an eight-hour training day and will be conducted regardless of weather. However, we train to standard, not time, so be prepared to train beyond an eight-hour workday.

Students will be required to pass all Large Caliber Rifle Standards to successfully complete the course.

This is a hands-on, high-intensity course in which students practice tactics and techniques in the field.

**This is an advanced course and students must have completed a Basic Sniper Observer Course prior to registration**


.50 Caliber Hard Target Operator Course Equipment List

The following is a detailed list of what the OTOA recommends each student bring to the .50 Caliber Hard Target Operator Course

List of equipment - MANDATORY

 Body Armor is MANDATORY for this class. Any of the following three options are acceptable:

  1. Level III “Tactical” body armor 
  2. Plate carrier and Level II or Level III soft body armor
  3. If you DO NOT have "Tactical Body Armor", Concealable Level II or Level III is acceptable 

Ballistic helmet (if issued)

Quality Large Caliber Rifle (50 Cal/338 IE: Barrett, McMillan, Armalite) with adjustable turret scope, bipod and sling

All Sniper rifles are REQUIRED to be "ZEROED" before you arrive for the first day on class

OTOA is NOT providing rifles or ammunition for this course.

200 rounds of ammunition. No Reloads, American Eagle XM33C, or Armor Piercing Ammunition.

Hornady AMAX 750 Gr and Thunder Ammo Match are Recommended

Personal & Other Equipment

ANY / ALL MARKSMAN EQUIPMENT for a “call out” or SWAT / SRT activation

  • Tactical team or training uniform for 3-days – mandatory
  • Gloves – we recommend gloves compatible with weapons manipulation 
  • Clear eye protection – mandatory 
  • DOUBLE Hearing protection – mandatory (plugs and over ear muffs)
  • Ball cap – mandatory 
  • Pen and notebook – mandatory 
  • Water and food – mandatory
  • Binoculars
  • Weapons cleaning supplies
  • Data book, Data PDA, Data Computer or Data Phone app
  • Sunglasses, Bug spray and sunblock - recommended
  • Inclement weather gear for both cold and wet weather - recommended
  • If you are allergic to bees, outdoor plants or animals, please bring your epinephrine pen or other medication.
  • Quality Tripod w/ Hog Saddle or Reaper Grip

Optional Equipment

  • Spotting Scope
  • Shooting Mat


If you are allergic to bees, outdoor plants or animals, please bring your epinephrine pen or other medication.

Life threatening allergies and pre-existing injuries or conditions must be reported to the OTOA training staff on day-one of training.

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