Host OTOA Training Class

Hosting an Ohio Tactical Officers Association Training Class

Being the host agency for an OTOA training class can be a benefit to the agency with the acquisition of free training slots. These free training slots do however come with a "cost". The cost is not financial but will require some work and logistics help on the part of the host agency.

Read on if you’re interested.


Possibly the most critical part of the planning process for any training course is securing a location conducive to the events requirements.

Live - fire ranges
Houses - Buildings - Structures - Schools

Logistics Support

The work involved in hosting a training course starts the moment the agreement is signed with OTOA HQ.

Pre-Event - Once confirmed, coordinate the training event with OTOA Training Operations Chief, locate and secure classrooms, ranges, other venues as needed. Host agency is also responsible for marketing and LEADs announcements, (LEADs announcements must be sent to the OTOA Training Operations Chief).
Event - Assist with logistics and attendee needs, possible after class time/hours issues - venue changes, weather issues, etc.

Benefits of Hosting an OTOA Training Course

Depending on the training event, the OTOA will offer FREE training spots to the host agency. The quantity of FREE training spots will be negotiated between the host agency contact and the OTOA Training Operations Chief.

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