Advanced Training

OTOA Advanced Training Courses

Students failing to meet and maintain our safety requirements and/or who cannot meet and immediately demonstrate the minimum skills required for the specific class may be removed from training.

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Please ensure you have read through the class description and fully understand our prerequisites before registering.

Sign in BEFORE you register for classes

The course attendee (student) is required to have a valid membership to attend any OTOA Training event. If the course attendee (student) is a current member, log in using the membership credentials of the course attendee (student) is required. All training certificates are tied to the login credentials of the online event registration.

If the course attendee (student) is NOT a current OTOA member, one of two choices is required: #1- purchase a membership online, log in and register for the training event, or #2 - Register for the training event and select "Purchase one (1) OTOA Membership" during the training event online registration.

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