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About Swab-its®

Manufactured by Super Brush LLC, the leader in foam swab technology, Swab-its® foam swabs provide the perfect tools for your application, cleaning & removal needs. When precision is needed to apply, remove, clean or lubricate small or large areas, we have foam swabs for every job.

Why choose Swab-its®? We offer lint-free, superior to cotton swabs that are availabe in full range of sizes and shapes. Best of all - Swab-its® foam swabs are made in the U.S.A. and we offer free shipping inside the United States!

Swab-its® has swas for Gun Cleaning, Industrial Cleaning, Printer Cleaning, Electronic Cleaning, Automotive Cleaning, Mold Cleaning, Craft & Hobby Projects and more! We have a swab for every job!

About Super Brush LLC:

Super Brush – The Leader in Foam Swab Technology

We provide foam applicator solutions for leading organizations across the industrial, medical, aerospace, printing and other sectors. Our scale, scope and knowledge of foam swab technology and applications allow us to address and custom design solutions as others cannot.

We are passionate about providing our customers with the best solutions available. Our customers run the scale from early start-up to century’s old established companies.

If the solution rests on applying, collecting, cleaning or spreading material through the use of foam applicator and swabs, we will provide practical answers- from concept, through testing to scale up all the way to high volume production. Be it custom designs or one of our 3,000+ standard parts, we will provide the most practical solution to your need.

For nearly three-quarters of a century, Super Brush has been solving customer problems through leading in Foam Swab Technology.

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