Priority 1 Drones
74 North Orange Street
Xenia, OH 45385-2838

Priority 1 Drones is your premier provider of comprehensive drone solutions for first responders!

As a first responder owned and operated company, we specialize in Sales, Repair, Training, and Operation of drones specifically tailored to the needs of emergency response teams.

Our owners actively participate in their agency's drone operations, providing us with direct insight into first responder drone technology. This firsthand knowledge drives our training programs, empowering first responders with the skills needed to effectively utilize drones in emergency operations. Our enterprise sales team ensures that your department is equipped with the latest drone technology.

We always guarantee top-notch repair services and operational support. Our experienced repair technicians are committed to providing quick customer support and services to keep you in the air.

At Priority 1 Drones, we're dedicated to enhancing the capabilities of first responders through innovative drone solutions. Visit our booth to learn more about how we can elevate your emergency response capabilities!