Ohio Attorney General's Office
1560 SR 56 SW
London, OH 43140

The Attorney General’s Bureau of Criminal Investigation serves as Ohio’s crime lab and criminal-records keeper, and it offers expert, impartial investigative services to local, state and federal law enforcement agencies 24/7.

BCI is committed to serving the law enforcement community, but the bureau also prioritizes helping Ohioans feel safe in their communities and inspiring trust in law enforcement by providing:

  • Accurate criminal records for background checks, so that parents, employers and everyone can feel at peace about school bus drivers, public workers and new hires.
  • Laboratory services that can identify illegal drugs sold in our neighborhoods and the DNA of murderers and rapists. This forensic science can help convict dangerous criminals and get them off the streets so they can’t hurt more people.
  • Investigators who offer expertise and state-of-the-art evidence-gathering techniques throughout Ohio after crimes are committed, people go missing or officers are involved in critical incidents.
  • The OHLEG section offers a free OIBRS based RMS for Law Enforcement in Ohio as well as the OHLEG Search Engine and Data Sharing.