Tomahawk Strategic Solutions
4751 Trousdale Drive
Suite 110
Nashville, TN 37220

Tomahawk partners with leaders in the public and private sectors to help better protect the people and property under their charge. Our goal is to mitigate your risk by making you and your organization better prepared to address a myriad of threats.


At Tomahawk Strategic Solutions, we believe that operators perform at the level to which they have been trained.  Our law enforcement training programs combine cutting-edge tactics, techniques, and procedures with a unique approach to mindset and awareness.  Tomahawk's training substantially improves mission success, increases officer AND civilian safety, and reduces liability.


Tomahawk Strategic Solutions provides a full spectrum of equipment sales.  Let us work with you to source the equipment solutions that meet your needs and budget.  We work with the top brands in the industry and can quickly and accurately quote you pricing and lead times.  


The Tomahawk Institute consists of several training content types. The Learning Path is a compilation of courses containing our entire knowledge base for a subject. A Course is a large piece of content, which in some cases leads to certification. A Micro-Content Course is a detailed examination of a tactic or technique contained in a Course. The Video Library consists of small, bite-sized pieces of content that are attuned to the visual and experienced learner and can also be used as training aids.