Outback Armour USA
5213 Tacoma Drive
Building A
Houston, TX 77041

Outback Armour suspension is designed and manufactured by Outback Armour specifically for the armoured vehicle & Law Enforcement industry.  This is in contrast to many suspension suppliers who rebrand or re-market regular 4x4 suspension for armoured vehicle & law enforcement SUV vehicle use. 

Outback Armour maintains relatively high stock of suspension for armoured vehicles in our dedicated warehouses to support our customers. stock holdings are usually maintained in excess of 250 to 500 vehicle kits of the common vehicle platforms we supply.

Outback Armour offers industry leading suspension coupled with a "team customer" approach to customer service.  By using Outback Armour for your suspension, you benefit by having access to our dedicated support technicians and product engineers.  Whether it be via remote contact or onsite visits at your facility, we work with you and your team to ensure that the best outcomes are achieved throughout production and ahead of new project developments.