Buffalo Armory
1050 Military Road
Buffalo, NY 14217

Buffalo Armory was incorporated in 2011 for one reason - to develop a better armor to protect first responders and military personnel in harms way.  The Buffalo Armory team developed a new way to heat treat steel armor with induction technology and produce steel armor plates that outperform conventional NIJ Level 3+ steel armor and offer a better alternative to more expensive ceramic and pressed polyethylene plates that are subject to micro-cracking due to normal wear and tear.


Our armor plates provide police, fire, and EMS officers with the best protection from an active shooter armed with a high velocity rifle. Our plates are more durable, multi-hit, and thinner.  And at double the warranty period, a much better value.


Buffalo Armory's NIJ Level lll 0101.06 certified product portfolio includes Body Armor (steel plates, steel plates with spall protection, and our Game Changer plate (steel and polyethylene which meets NIJ 0101.07 RF2 standards), Car Door / Vehicle Armor, Hand-Held Shields, and Ballistic Barriers (Doors, Walls, and Windows).


Our passion is your protection:  we manufacture and sell our body armor, shields, and vehicle products exclusively to the federal government, state and municipal first responders, and authorized distributors.  Our security barriers are available to public and private organizations (i.e., schools, hospitals, and religious institutions).


Buffalo Armory's products are fabricated from 100% U.S. raw material and 100% U.S. manufacturing.