MTAC Holdings
3800 East McGalliard Road
Muncie, IN 47303

MTAC is much more than an indoor shoot house and scenario-based training facility. We provide professional firearms training in a 360 degree shooting environment for both armed citizens and armed professionals. Mission based curriculum makes it easy to train with us, we have the courses to get you to your desired level of expertise.

Our training is built to transition officers into high functioning shooters and tacticians in their specific discipline. Our staff is comprised of current and former instructors in US Army Special Forces (current SFAUCC and Advanced Sniper); federal and local SWAT; and security contractors. The blend of highly experienced cadre creates the most relevant courses for specialized law enforcement training.

We provide courses in Basic SWAT School, CQB, CQB Instructor Development, Sniper, SWAT Sustainment, Team Audit, Hostage Rescue, Advanced SWAT (Leadership focused), Designated Marksman, and much more.