Verco Materials
871 Wheeler Street NW
Atlanta, GA 30318

Verco Materials originated as a spin-off of high-performance boron carbide technology developed at the Georgia Institute of Technology. After a number of years of DOD-supported research with the Army Research Laboratory, Army Natick, NavAir, and DARPA, we are pleased to offer a unique product for multi-hit rifle protection against M80 (.308 FMJ Ball), M43 (7.62x39mm Mild Steel Core), M67 (7.62x39mm FMJ Ball), M855 (5.56x45mm Green Tip), and M193 (5.56x45mm FMJ Ball) threats.

We are proud to announce the recent unveiling of our revolutionary LVL III(+) shield to law enforcement - tested in accordance with the NIJ Standard 0108.01 to provide Level III and Special Threat III+ protection (5.56x45mm Green Tip). Our innovative 18 inch x 24 inch rifle shields weigh a mere 16 pounds with an ability to roll-up into a portable 18 inch x 10 inch size. Perfect for discreet use is public environments in preparation for immediate deployments. Our innovative armor offerings are proudly manufactured in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia; backed by numerous US and international patents; successfully passed rigorous testing at nationally certified ballistics laboratories - including NIJ Standard 0101.06. We're the only manufacturer in the world that holds the NIJ Level III certification for our imbricated tile design. Verco's ceramic tile technology transcends performance, comfort, and coverage through its ability to sustain multiple hits from a variety of rifle threats; its capacity to mold comfortably to the body and allow freedom of movement; and its means to extended ballistic coverages over areas of the body not traditionally covered by the majority of today's products.