Con10gency Consulting
17170 Jordan Rd. Ste. 404
Selma, TX 78154

Con10gency™ provides training to prepare for and survive the first ten minutes of an active threat or critical incident. Decades of experience in Law Enforcement Special Operations, EMS, Fire, and Nursing pair with flexible service solutions and high-quality safety products to enable our mission: provide our clients the necessary tools to be self-reliant in a time of crisis. Our classes incorporate mental preparation, emergency action response training, and the tools needed to save a life. In addition, Con10gency provides emergency trauma training and assists our clients in evaluating current medical response plans and equipment. We’re an authorized distributor for: QuikClot, North American Rescue, Avon Protection, Team Wendy, Blauer, Phokus Reasearch, Condor Outdoor, Eleven 10, Safeguard Medical, TacMed Solutions, Zoll AEDs, GH Armor, and United Shield.