Ladder Ops by OTOA
June 13, 2024 08:00 - 16:00
Patrol / SWAT / Task Force
Active Shooter Response
EHOVE (Erie – Huron – Ottawa Vocational Education Center)
Fire Tower
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Milan, Ohio 44846

Course Description

This course will give the attendee a look into an often undertrained area of ladder team deployments. Whether during high risk warrant service to hostage rescue this course willl provide insite and building blocks into how to properly deploy a ladder and prepare for immediate engagement opportunities and area denial. 

Student Requirements

All tactical equipment that would be utilized during a call out.

If not on a tactical team, then all duty gear which would be worn on duty (uniform not needed)

Ballistic Shield optional

Patrol Rifle

Duty Pistol 


Breaching equipment will be provided by OTOA