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May 8, 2023 - May 12, 2023
27200 Hilliard Blvd
Westlake, Ohio 44145
0 of 24 seats taken
Basic SWAT Description

Students will be introduced to basic SWAT topics, tactics, and techniques including a historical overview of SWAT, team organization and structure, resolution of barricaded suspect situations, individual and team movement, searches and room clearing, less-lethal options, warrant service, and multiple field training exercises. This is a hands-on, high-intensity course in which students practice tactics and techniques in the field.

Note - This course will benefit officers that are not assigned to a specialized team (SWAT/SRT). 

This course is restricted to OTOA Members that are sworn officers of a United States governmental agency.

Basic SWAT School Equipment List

The following is a detailed list of what the OTOA recommends each student bring to the 5-day Basic SWAT training.


Body Armor is MANDATORY for this class. Any of the following options are acceptable:

  • Level III “Tactical” body armor
  • Plate carrier and Level II or Level III soft body armor
  • If you DO NOT have "Tactical Body Armor", Concealable Level II or Level III body armor is acceptable

Ballistic helmet (if issued)


Primary Weapon System (long gun) AR-15 variant or sub-gun

  • (4) 30-round magazines are optimal, (3) 30-round magazines at a minimum are required
  • All rifles and sub-guns are required to have slings mounted
  • All rifles and sub guns are required to be zeroed BEFORE day one of SWAT week
  • Weapon-mounted light is mandatory. Bring extra batteries.

Secondary Weapon System (pistol)

  • (3) pistol magazines minimum
  • Weapon-mounted light recommended


  • 500 rounds For EACH weapon system


OTOA RED TEAM training cadre are all certified Scenario and Safety Certification Training Course graduates.

Students are encouraged to bring agency-owned weapon conversion kits and marking cartridges.

Simunition © FX 5.56mm marking cartridges are not permitted in any OTOA training UNLESS otherwise approved by the OTOA training manager.

All other Simunition © branded marking cartridges in 9mm and .38 caliber are permitted.

Force on Force conversion kits and marking cartridges for AR platform rifles (5.56/.223 ONLY) will be provided to each student in the course that does not have agency-owned force on force conversion kits and marking cartridges.  

The OTOA uses Ultimate Training Munition (UTM) bolt and Ultimate Training Munition (UTM) marking cartridges.  


ANY / ALL EQUIPMENT for a “call out” or SWAT / SRT activation

  • Tactical team or training uniform – mandatory
  • Gloves – we recommend gloves compatible with weapons manipulation
  • Clear wrap-around eye protection – mandatory on range day
  • Hearing protection – mandatory on range day
  • Ball cap – mandatory on range day
  • Pen and notebook – mandatory for each day
  • Water and food – NO MEALS ARE PROVIDED
  • Bug spray and sunblock - recommended
  • Inclement weather gear for both cold and wet weather - recommended
  • Simunition © / Ultimate Training Munition (UTM) /Force on Force protective gear – recommended


  • Ballistic Shields
  • Mirrors


If you are allergic to bees, outdoor plants, or animals, please bring your epinephrine pen or other medication.

Life-threatening allergies and pre-existing injuries or conditions must be reported to the OTOA training staff on day one of training.