Hosting requirements for the Tactical Team Response to Active Threats.

If you are considering hosting an OTOA training event to obtain training at a reduced rate or no charge, don't hesitate to contact us directly at 📧

🏫 School buildings are the most suitable venues for this training. Large office buildings or commercial buildings are also acceptable.

  • Buildings need to be VOID of occupants when training is taking place unless OTOA approves.

  • Buildings must be conducive for using training munitions (🔫 Airsoft, Simunition, UTM, etc.).

  • The OTOA training cadre is committed to facilitating a safe environment and leaving all training buildings without damage.

  • Host agencies must coordinate the communication with the property owners and the surrounding neighborhoods.

  • Host agencies are required to post appropriate “Police Training in Progress” signage.

Classroom with the following:

  • Tables and chairs for twenty-four (24) adults.

  • Audio/visual capabilities: LCD/PowerPoint projector with screen, speakers capable of sound projection into the classroom, or large screen TV with HDMI port.

  • Appropriate temperature regulation for classroom settings.

  • Bathrooms, both male and female.

Training venues can be one or multiple locations with the following:

  • 🏫 School, office building, church, or training building.

  • Power, lighting, and running water are always preferred.

  • Large, open room accommodating twenty-four adults for movement drills and weapons flow (example – gymnasium).

  • Multiple rooms.

  • Stairwells.

  • Hallways with multiple doorways.

  • Areas outside to coordinate arrival and staging of responders.

  • Both male and female bathrooms are in the building or within walking distance.