Hosting requirements for the Tactical Team Response to Active Threats.

What You Need to Know to Host an OTOA Training Class

Hosting an OTOA training class brings tactical training directly to your agency, eliminating the need for your officers to travel. This convenience allows you to train more personnel efficiently.

Contact for Hosting Inquiries

Direct Contact: For specific details about hosting, please get in touch with us at

Having our instructors come to your location, rather than sending your team to ours, enhances training accessibility and reduces travel expenses.

Preferred Training Venues

Schools, large office, and commercial buildings are suitable venues for this training.

  • Buildings must be void of occupants when training is taking place unless approved by OTOA.
  • Facilities must be conducive to using training munitions such as Airsoft, Simunition, UTM, etc.
  • Our training cadre is committed to providing a safe environment and ensuring all training facilities are undamaged.
  • Host agencies must coordinate communication with property owners and surrounding neighborhoods.
  • Host agencies are required to post "Police Training in Progress" signage.

Classroom Requirements

  • Seating and tables for twenty-four adults.
  • Audio/visual capabilities: An LCD/PowerPoint projector with a screen, speakers capable of projecting sound into the classroom, or a large-screen TV with an HDMI port.
  • Temperature control is suitable for classroom settings.
  • Bathrooms are accessible to both males and females.

Training Venue Specifications

  • Venues include schools, office buildings, churches, or training buildings.
  • Facilities with power, lighting, and running water are preferred.
  • A large open room, such as a gymnasium, accommodating twenty-four adults for movement drills and weapons training is required.
  • Multiple rooms, stairwells, and hallways with multiple doorways are needed.
  • Areas outside the building to coordinate the arrival and staging of responders are necessary.
  • Both male and female bathrooms should be within walking distance of the building.

Community and Property Coordination

Host agencies must maintain clear communication with property owners and the community and ensure that appropriate signage indicates ongoing police training.

Important Note on Training Seats

While hosting a course, it's essential to understand that free or reduced-cost training seats are not guaranteed. Any complimentary seats are granted on a case-by-case basis and require approval from the director of training. Hosting primarily facilitates logistical convenience.