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Our team includes the inventors of the Original Sling System™, so we are no strangers to developing paradigm-shifting products. We’ve returned to the market with innovative concepts that will once more revolutionize the sector. Learn more about this sling system and the rest of our EXO Sling Series.

New products occasionally appear that challenge our preconceptions of how things are done. We did that many years ago when we released the Original Sling System™ on the market. Its elegant design upended the conventionally complex approaches and accommodated the constantly evolving needs of the military and law enforcement. It is so flawless that it has been imitated by people worldwide.

Since evolution is not always simple, we have committed to leading the way in our sector by providing straightforward and efficient goods. We take pride in giving the time, effort, and attention this laborious procedure requires. This process results in equipment that satisfies your tactical demands by altering how slings function without changing how you work.

All of our products are proudly made in the USA!

Original Sling System™—Elegantly Designed for You

Sling Guru understands that you need the highest quality sling system for your military and law enforcement needs. That is why we created the next evolution in sling systems: the Original Sling System™ and the EZ Sling. Discover what our products have to offer.

EXO: 13 Sling
The EXO-13 Sling is a patented (US Patent #10088272) design from Sling Guru that integrates into your existing gear. The sling converts your plate carrier, backpack, or vest with our Flexible Swivel™.

EXO: 07 Sling
The EXO: 07 Sling utilizes a proprietary harness that hides easily under your outer clothing to conceal your weapon.