Accuracy Under Fire
206 Star of India Lane
Carson, CA 90746-1418

Accuracy Under Fire (A.U.FIRE) is a brand new injury simulator for the next level of reality-based training, designed for creating and training in worst-case scenarios before they happen in real life.  A.U.FIRE uses an instructor's remote to control (E-Stim) Electrical Muscle Stimulation sleeves on the trainee. Instructors can at will target muscle groups on the arms of a trainee, safely incapacitating an arm with intense muscle contractions during the armed confrontation scenario, simulating an injury as if they have been shot, cut, or hit with a blunt force object. Trainees experience the immediate physical muscle contraction sensation (simulation) of a traumatic injury. They are forced to deal with the immediacy, the surprise, the distraction, and the immobilization of a limb that is out of their control. Then, trainees can, under real duress, can practice alternative tactics to finish the fight and stop the threat and save their own life or that of another. There is nothing more realistic than AUFIRE. Developed by retired LAPD officer Tim Pearce and his wife, Kristina Ripatti (also LAPD), who was shot and paralyzed on the job.