Zev Technologies
2120 Northpark Drive
Centralia, WA 98531

ZEV was started with a focus on competitive shooters, pioneering the first drop-in replacement triggers for GLOCK®.  To this day, ZEV’s triggers are the gold standard for competitors worldwide.  From its start with triggers, ZEV built its business with the philosophy that any part it made had to be the best product of its type available on the market.  Over time, our customer base expanded from competitive shooters to elite military and law enforcement and ultimately, into leading gun stores and ranges for every shooter.  ZEV has grown rapidly as a result and has been recognized as one of Inc 500’s fastest growing companies.  Today ZEV provides the complete set of replacement parts for GLOCK. ZEV wishes every type of shooter to be able to create the firearm that matches their lifestyle and shooting goals.  Equally important, we want them to be confident that they are carrying the best product available whether it is in the competitive arena, the battlefield, or to their local range. In 2017 Zev Technologies merged with Mega Arms and came out with their own line if AR rifles that rival any competition within their market.  Boasting the ever popular Wedgelock handguard and the cut and quality of the Mega Arms machining process the AR's produced in our factory are second to none.  With that acquisition of the machine shop ZEV could finally realize their full goal of creating thier own 9mm Pistol and thus was born the OZ9 platform of pistols.  A fully modular product that has easily interchangeable and customizeable grips, as well as lengths of slides based upon usage and model.  They are the flattest shooting most accurate "Glock clone" style pistols on the market.