Tactical Leadership - Operations Planning
2 Days

A follow-up to the OTOA Tactical Team Leader course, the Tactical Leadership - Operations Planning is designed to expose police personnel to procedures used for tactical mission planning and briefing of involved personnel.

Topics include mission planning;

  • documentation
  • operational planning for high-risk search warrants
  • scouting procedures for mission planning
  • primary, alternate, contingency, and emergency planning
  • suggestions on how to modify high-risk search warrant planning to other types of tactical missions
  • and much more. 

The goals and objectives of this course are to provide the tools necessary for an effective briefing system for personnel.

This course is not a scouting course, instructors will make assumptions that the scout has been completed and will provide leaders with the information needed to develop a tactical plan. 

This course is not a tactics course. We will explain various contemporary principles to use on missions to demonstrate the flexibility of the briefing process.

There are currently no upcoming Tactical Leadership - Operations Planning courses available.