Red Dot Sight Pistol Instructor

The OTOA in partnership with Glock is offering a two-day instructor course for Red Dot Optic equipped pistols.

Topics of Instruction Include

  • The course covers an individual officer wanting to enhance his ability with the RDS or start gaining knowledge of the RDS.
  • The fundamentals redefined; structure vs. strength, less effort = better efficiency.
  • Pros, cons, as well as limitations of optics available in the marketplace will be discussed at length.
  • Proper use of RDS in inclement weather and how to overcome those conditions through technique.
  • Proper use of RDS in CQB environments and at extended distances.
  • Proper use of RDS with damage and or obstruction of the glass.
  • It allows an agency or team to acquire more information on the RDS pistol prior to making a purchase.
  • It will allow the officer to provide in-service instruction to officers.
  • Each officer will gain the knowledge necessary to not only self-diagnose their own performance but more importantly the performance of their students.
  • Individual attention will be given to each officer to ensure that they are comprehending all material presented and are able to apply that knowledge while instructing others in the use of an RDS-equipped pistol.
  • Mounted and Dismounted movement, when and why to use these techniques.
  • The why’s will be explained, discussed, and answered with every technique taught within the curriculum.

The OTOA will supply if the student cannot:

  • Glock RDS pistol
  • Choice of the holster
  • Choice of the magazine carrier
  • Choice of weapon mounted light
  • Choice of red dot optic

Student requirements

  • Ballcap
  • Eye/ear protection
  • Inclement weather gear (wet/cold)
  • Belt capable of holding and drawing pistol at speed suggested 1.5” – 1.75”
  • 750 rounds of quality/factory 9mm ammunition - NO RELOADS
  • Note pad/pen/pencil
  • Range snacks/water/hydration
There are currently no upcoming Red Dot Sight Pistol Instructor courses available.