OTOA Tactical Team Response to Active Threat Course
2 Days

Who is eligible for the Tactical Team Response to Active Threat Course?
OPOTC-certified peace officers and troopers who are assigned full- or part-time to an Ohio law enforcement tactical team.

Is this course grant funded and eligible for tuition/course fee reimbursement?
The training costs $600 per peace officer/trooper, to be paid by the home agency of the peace officer/trooper to the OTOA.
Every officer/trooper who completes the course can apply for a grant reimbursement of the full cost through the office of Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost.

The maximum grant amount per peace officer/trooper is $600, to be reimbursed to the employing law enforcement agency AFTER successful completion of the course and confirmed payment to the OTOA.

How does the agency get reimbursed?
Step 1: Register tactical team members
Step 2: Complete the training
Step 3: Pay OTOA for training
Step 4: Complete AG Grant Request Form

Is this course CPT approved?

The Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission approved the OTOA Tactical Team Response to Active Threats and meets the criteria outlined in the Ohio Administrative Code (OAC 109:2-18-03, et al.)
OTOA Tactical Team Response to Active Threats – Course number 23CPT063

The 16 CPT credit hours can be applied in one of two ways: 
• 16 hours of general CPT credit 
• 3 hours of school-threat safety training and 13 hours of general CPT credit

The OTOA Tactical Team Response to Active Threat 16-hour course provides tactical teams with principles and tactics to respond to an active threat event.  

The course was developed for the tactical team members to accomplish their primary mission of Saving Lives successfully. It is one of the only training programs that combine classroom evidence-based principles with practical skill-based tactics.  

The class culminates with safe, reality-based scenarios that include de-escalation tactics.  The Active Threat principles and tactics are behavior-based.  

Additional topics will include constitutional use of force, de-escalation tactics, and linking up with additional and plainclothes officers.  

Students will demonstrate proficiency through reality-based scenarios.

•    Understand current trends in active threat incidents.
•    Understand the concept of “active dying” and why Rapid Deployment and Immediate Action is needed to save lives.
•    Understand Constitutional Use of Deadly Force requirements and appropriate de-escalation outcomes.
•    Understand the contemporary principles when responding to active threats.
•    How priority of life during active threat response plays a vital role in the outcomes.
•    Understand constitutional use of deadly force requirements and appropriate de-escalation outcomes. 
•    Understand Linking Up with uniformed, plain-clothes officers to avoid “blue on blue” engagements.
•    Understand how to work with uniformed security professionals and civilian CCW/open-carry citizens during active threat incidents.
•    Demonstrate safe and efficient dry practice gun handling skills.
•    Understand mission-driven tactics for active threat response.
•    Demonstrate proficiency in the OTOA mission-driven tactics.

This course is restricted to OPOTC-certified peace officers, and troopers assigned full-time or part-time to a law enforcement tactical team are eligible to participate in CPT-approved School-Response Training for Members of Ohio Law Enforcement Tactical Teams.

This training is approved by the Ohio Peace Officers Training Academy (OPOTA) for 16 credit hours of 2023 Continued Professional Training (CPT)

This Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission-approved training course and curriculum are eligible for 100% tuition reimbursement through the Office of Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost and the Officer School Safety Grants program.

The maximum grant amount per peace officer/trooper is $600, to be paid to the employing law enforcement agency

How to register
The OTOA Tactical Team Response to Active Threat is a "Closed" course and not eligible for our standard online registration.

Interested in hosting this course? email training@otoa.org