Active Threat Response - User Course (2023 OPOTA CPT Approved)
2 Days

The OTOA Active Threat Response - User 16-hour course provides officers with principles and tactics to respond as a single officer in an active threat event.   

This course was developed for the front-line officer to accomplish their primary mission of Saving Lives. 

It is one of the only training programs that combine classroom evidence-based principles with practical skill-based tactics. 

The Active Threat Response - User training course culminates with safe, reality-based scenarios including de-escalation tactics. 

The Active Threat principles and tactics are behavior-based.  Additional topics will include Constitutional Use of Force, De-escalation tactics, and Linking Up with additional and plainclothes officers. 

Students will demonstrate proficiency through reality-based scenarios.



  • Understand current trends in active threat incidents.
  • Understand principles when responding to active threats.
  • How priority of life during active threat response plays a vital role in the outcomes.
  • Understand constitutional use of deadly force requirements and appropriate de-escalation outcomes.
  • Understand Linking Up with uniformed, plain-clothes officers to avoid “blue on blue” engagements.
  • Understand how to work with uniformed security professionals and civilian CCW/open-carry citizens during active threat incidents.
  • Understand two mission-driven tactics for active threat response.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in the two mission-driven tactics.

Active Threat Response User Course (16 general hours) meets the criteria outlined in the Ohio Administrative Code (OAC 109:2-18-03, et al.) and is approved for 16 general hours of 2023 CPT. 

Active Threat Response User Course (16 general hours) – course number 23CPT465