Active Threat Response - Train The Trainer
Active Threat Response - Train The Trainer
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4 Days

This course was developed for the front-line officer to accomplish their primary mission of Saving Lives. It is one of the only training programs that combines classroom evidence-based principles with practical skill-based tactics.

The class culminates with safe, reality-based scenarios that include de-escalation tactics. The active threat principles and tactics are behavior-based.

Additional topics will include constitutional use of force, de-escalation tactics, and linking up with other plainclothes officers.

Students will demonstrate proficiency in mission-driven tactics and learn how they properly conduct active threat response training for their agencies.


  • Understand principles when responding to active threats. 
  • Understand and consider the priority of life during active threat response.
  • Understand constitutional use of deadly force requirements and appropriate de-escalation
  • Understand two mission-driven tactics for active threat response.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in the two mission-driven tactics.
  • Implement principles learned in a teach-back scenario


  • The course will be a force on paper targets and force-on-force, using airsoft weapons.
  • (If you have an airsoft duty pistol or patrol rifle, please bring it).
  • Airsoft weapons are provided as needed.
  • Uniform of the day, as required by the agency. Include a long-sleeved shirt + gloves for airsoft exercises.
  • Duty Belt and Equipment - No Live Ammunition.
  • Ballistic vest/outer carrier - Optional.
  • Safety equipment to include eye protection and face mask – provided.
  • Note-taking via paper or computer

Limited to 20 students

Prerequisite: The student should have experience training others of similar professional backgrounds. Those lacking previous experience should bring a letter of endorsement from their agency to support their attendance.

There are currently no upcoming Active Threat Response - Train The Trainer courses available.